High-Performance Turf Infills

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High-Performance Turf Infills For Your Home Or Business

As an artificial turf specialist in Austin, our team at TexasTurf knows that using high-performance turf infills is an important part of any artificial turf installation. The infill products we use are environmentally friendly and made by top industry manufacturers.

Turf infills consists of crushed material which is placed on top of the artificial turf and lain within the grass blades. With this application, the individual blades stand up straight and more easily return to shape after being walked on.

Infilling your turf is highly important for the performance, appearance, and the life span of your turf. We require that all of our artificial turf contains at least 1.5lb of infill per sq.ft. Choosing your type of infill is also a very important decision for your project.

Our experienced professionals will be able to help you choose from among the turf infills we use for your particular project in the Austin area. Don't hesitate to contact us for a consultation so we can help you choose the appropriate products for your residential or commercial project.


Our Upgraded Turf Infills

Using advanced high-performance turf infills and other products is highly important to us at TexasTurf. Our goal is always to ensure our residential and commercial customers enjoy the ideal synthetic grass installation.

Artificial grass is known to get hot, so the manufacturers we partner with have developed high-tech turf cooling infills to keep the surface cooler. This innovative design allows us to meet the needs and expectations of our customers better.

If you have any questions about the artificial turfs and products we use, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always happy to assist you!



Wonderfill is a premium round sand infill designed for use with artificial turf. It is made from silica sand that has been coated with a Zinc Omadine® ZOE™ Antimicrobial infusion. This coating helps to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and algae, and also improves drainage. Wonderfill infill is also very lightweight and easy to spread and maintain.

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