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Our environmentally friendly and safe-for-kids polypropelene artificial turfs are tested to reduce injuries and provide an ADA-compliant surface for Austin playgrounds and parks. The thick thatch and the superior backing of the playground turf meets the critical fall height criteria (ASTM 1292) to cushion and reduce injury.

Our artificial turf company creates beautiful, safe, and functional landscape designs. We’d be happy to help you choose the right products and develop the design plan, so give us a call today to schedule a consultation if you’re ready to get started.

  • Serving Austin & Surrounding Areas 30+ Years
  • Environmentally Friendly & Child Safe Turf Products
  • HIC Tested & ADA Compliant Surface

Artificial Turfs and Products for Playgrounds & Parks

It’s important to choose artificial turfs and products for playgrounds and parks that are highly durable, stay cool, feel comfortable, and stay safe in case of accidents. This is why we choose to partner with EnvyLawn for our landscaping projects.

All the materials are specifically made to be environmentally friendly. The thick thatch and superior backing of the products offer a cushion to reduce injury on the playground.

The Microblade profile of the artificial turf blades reduce the glare of the delustered yarns and reduce reflection of the sun. The cooling technology of the turf lowers the surface temperature and the thick polypropylene thatch of the artificial lawn feels cushiony and cool.


If you're looking for an artificial turf company in the Austin,TX area, please call TexasTurf at 512-812-8205 or fill out our online request form.



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