4 Ways to Make Your Artificial Turf in Texas Putting Green More Challenging

How to Change Up Your Artificial Turf Putting Green

An artificial turf in Texas putting green is perfect if you want to practice your short game. You can play on it every day, it’s easy to maintain, and it’ll never develop divots and ball marks.

The only problem is that it can get boring once you master it. The good news is that it’s easy to spice it up. After all, you can customize synthetic turf, and you can place obstacles and course features on it without any issues.

Here are 4 ways to take your short games to the next level:

Build Berms

Berm is a fancy word for a little hill. It will spice up your short games by forcing you to putt up and over the top of it. You’ll have to consider not only the direction and trajectory of your putt but also the force you put behind it.

If you want a temporary berm, just place some dirt or sand on top of the artificial grass. Then, smooth it out with your hands or a rake. But if you want something more permanent, contact your synthetic turf installers. They can add a berm or two to your green in a way that it looks like a natural part of the landscape.

Set Up Tunnels

The great thing about tunnels is that you can set them up at any length. You just have to make sure to leave enough room so that you can practice your short game. Artificial turf in Texas can give your tunnels a soft surface that is easy on your putter when you hit too hard or miss the hole.

Tunnels are also useful for creating an obstacle course. Simply place several tunnels together in a row and use them as part of your regular practice routine. Likewise, you can set them up as the only thing in front of the cup on a course you’ve designed specifically for this purpose.

Create Steep Inclines

Add some extra difficulty to your putting green by creating steep inclines in places where you don’t have a hole yet. This will force you to work on your ball control skills and your ability to hit uphill putts without rolling away from them completely before they reach the target area.

Installing fake grass in Texas on your steep inclines will ensure that they’ll have perfect ball roll. That will help you work on the consistency of your putts.

Lay Out Paths

A good place to start is with a path that winds around the hole and then back down to a larger hole. You can also make smaller circles around the hole. And if you want something simpler, you can just make lines that go from one side of the green to another. These paths will force you to putt with more precision and focus than if you were just putting on a flat surface.

Adding obstacles like trees and bushes around the edges of your lawn can also add extra difficulty to your game. You can surround them with synthetic turf for putting greens.

Spice Up Your Green With Synthetic Turf in Texas

If you’re ready to take the plunge for a more challenging green, we can help with our putting green solutions.

Here at Texas Turf USA, our team has extensive experience in artificial grass installation. So we can make sure your new putting green features look like they’re a part of the original installation. We can also help you set up a new course or expand your existing green.

We only use premium synthetic turf products to give you the best value for your money. Call us now at 346-250-4797 or send us a message online to get started!

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