5 Features That Make Fake Grass in Texas Look Realistic

Why Fake Grass in Texas Looks and Feels Like Natural Grass

Artificial grass has come a long way in the past 25 years. When it first came onto the market, there was nothing realistic about it. Today, though, fake grass in Texas looks and feels so real that you won’t be able to tell it’s synthetic. Here are the qualities that make it realistic:

Has a Realistic Level of Thatching

A synthetic grass thatch layer is the textured bottom layer of the grass, and it provides the same surface roughness as real grass. If a lawn doesn’t have this layer, it will look fake because it won’t have a natural bounce or feel.

Most manufacturers offer turf with different levels of thatch. Lighter colors typically have less thatch because they’re designed to look more like real grass types found in the northern U.S. where the climate is cooler. Turf with darker colors and more thatch layers are better for warm climates where real grass needs extra protection from direct sunlight and heat.

Lifelike Fiber Colors

Synthetic turf in Texas features colors that are indistinguishable from a natural lawn. The color of the thatch and blades of the synthetic turf must match the grass in the region.

Turf manufacturers add color variations to make synthetic turf installations appear more natural. These color variations can be achieved with different fiber lengths or multiple fiber colors.

Some artificial turfs even mix dark and light green with brownish-green fiber to mimic the layer of dead stems and roots found on real lawns.

Looks Like Natural Grass When Light Hits It

Natural grass looks different depending on how the light hits it. When the light shines on it directly, it appears brighter than when you’re looking at it from an angle or in deep shadow.

The blades of synthetic lawns reflect sunlight and make them look shiny in the sun. That is why when you see the reflection of the light, it looks like a real lawn. High-quality artificial grass looks realistic because it reflects light from different angles and shadows of the blades.

Features Different Textures

Natural grass has more than one texture. It comes in many different varieties, depending on how much time has passed since it was last cut and what type of soil it’s grown in.

Top manufacturers of artificial turf in Austin made sure their products come with different textures to emulate the feel of real grass. The result is that when you run your hand across the blades of synthetic turf some feel more coarse while others feel soft and silky smooth. This variety makes even small areas of grass look more natural.

Blades That Are Soft and Flexible, Not Stiff

An artificial grass installation has a realistic look when the blades are soft enough to bend with your foot when you step on them, but spring back up to their original position when you step off them.

Many artificial turf manufacturers use a process called tufting to make the blades of the grass. This process creates small holes in each piece of grass so that it’s softer and more flexible than if it was made without tufting.

A good indication that your artificial grass lawn has been tufted is if you can grab a blade and pull on it with your hand. The blade should stretch out like hair or taffy and not break easily.

Fake Grass in Texas: The Fast and Easy Way to Have a Beautiful, Lifelike Lawn

The right look can go a long way, so why not choose artificial grass for your next landscaping project?

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