5 Golf Drills to Practice on Your Texas Artificial Turf Putting Green

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As an avid golfer, you understand that practice is key to honing your skills and improving your game. While the golf course is the best place to practice, it isn’t always convenient or accessible. But if you have a backyard putting green made of artificial turf in Texas, then you can get in some quality practice time from the comfort of home. Here are five golf skills you can refine on your artificial grass putting green: 

Putting Speed Control 

Practicing controlling your putting speed is one of the most important skills for any golfer to master. When practicing your putting speed control, start by setting up two tees some distance apart (the farther apart they are, the more challenging it will be) on your artificial turf in Texas. 

Place a ball between the tees and try to putt it so that it stops at each tee without rolling over either of them. This drill helps you to develop a feel for how hard you need to hit each putt in order for it to roll precisely as far as intended.  

Distance Control with Artificial Grass Putting Green

One way to improve your accuracy is controlling how far the ball rolls when hit with different levels of force. 

To do this drill, set up two flags about 15 feet apart and place one ball at each end on your backyard putting green. Putt back and forth between both flags, making sure that each putt stops within a few inches from its intended destination before reaching the other flag. 

Doing this drill regularly will help you become more confident with different distances involved in long-range and mid-range putts on the course. 

Speed & Direction Control 

This drill combines both speed and direction control, which are essential skills all golfers must master in order to succeed on the course. Place two flags approximately 10 yards apart and place a ball directly in between them. Then try putting with enough force that it rolls towards one flag while still stopping within a few inches from its destination before reaching the second flag—all without going past either one of them.

Wedge Play 

Another skill you can refine on your fake grass in Texas is wedge play, aka hitting shots from short distances with higher lofted clubs such as wedges or sand wedges. 

Hit different types of shots from various distances around the green—high shots that land softly near their target, low running shots that roll out after landing, etc. This will allow you to test out different trajectories and angles until you’ve mastered them all.

Chipping & Pitch Shots 

The last skill we’ll cover today is chipping & pitch shots on Austin artificial grass. These involve using a variety of clubs such as irons or hybrids to hit precise shots at varying distances around greenside hazards such as bunkers or water hazards. 

To practice this technique, set up several targets around your backyard artificial grass at various distances away from where you are standing (e.g., 5 yards away). 

Try hitting high soft chips or low running pitches towards each target until you’ve perfected all types of chip & pitch shots for every situation faced on courses around town.  

Achieve Your Dream Artificial Grass Putting Green Today!

Having access to a backyard artificial grass putting green gives discerning golfers like yourself plenty of opportunities to practice. Texas Turf can help you design the ultimate golf practice space complete with features like tee boxes, sand bunkers, chipping areas, etc. 

Call us today at 346-250-4797 or send us a message to start exploring your options and take your golf game to the next level!

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