Can Dogs Pee on Synthetic Turf in Texas?

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You’re a proud dog owner and you want to make sure your pup is living his best life. At the same time, you don’t want to compromise your dream backyard. For many pet owners, synthetic turf in Texas offers the perfect solution. You can keep your yard looking pristine and manicured, while giving your pup a soft, safe place to play.

Still, you understandably have many questions about making the switch. A common one is, “Can dogs pee on artificial grass?” The answer is yes! Dogs can go potty on synthetic turf in Texas just as easily as natural grass.

Dog Urine and Natural Grass

To understand why, you first need to understand the difference between artificial grass and natural grass. 

The problem with dogs peeing on natural grass is multifold. First, dog urine soaks right into the ground, making it prone to bad odor and bacteria build-up. Dog urine is also loaded with nitrogen, which can damage the tender blades of real grass. That’s why yellow and brown spots often develop in areas where dogs regularly pee.

There’s also no way to properly clean up dog urine from natural grass. Hosing it off will simply turn the spot into a muddy mess. You can’t use detergents and other cleaners on grass, or you’ll kill it off. In short, letting your pup pee on natural grass can lead to an unhealthy, unsightly yard.

Dog Urine and Artificial Turf for Pets

Pet-friendly artificial turf in Texas, on the other hand, is specifically designed to solve all of these issues:

  • Excellent Drainage

    Unlike real grass, every single layer of an artificial turf installation is geared towards drainage. The artificial turf itself is porous, as are the weed barrier and sub-base layers. There’s also a special drainage mat that is designed to collect and disperse liquid, eliminating any standing water.

    Because of this, dog urine will never collect or pool on artificial grass. Every time your dog pees, the waste is quickly directed away from your yard and safely out of the way.

  • Anti-Microbial Coating & Deodorizers

    The best artificial grass for dogs comes with special coatings to combat bacteria and odors. Antimicrobial coatings create a barrier that prevents bacteria from colonizing on the surface of your turf. Special deodorizers also help keep things smelling fresh and pleasant.

  • Special Infill to Fight Odors and Bacteria

    You can also invest in infill specifically designed to address the issues caused by dog urine. Like pet turf, these infill products come with antibacterial and deodorizing properties that target pet waste.

  • Easy to Clean Post-Potty with Artificial Turf

    Finally, cleaning up after your pup is a breeze on artificial grass. You can hose it down, wash the area with detergent, or use pet enzyme cleaners to break down pet waste. Whichever method you choose, artificial grass won’t be damaged or discolored by the process.


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