Get That Tail Wagging! Dog-Friendly Ideas for Synthetic Turf in Texas

DIY Backyard Dog Park Tips for Synthetic Turf in Texas

You’ve already made the smartest decision for your home, pet, and sanity: switching to synthetic turf in Texas.

Finally, no more mud, holes, insects, weeds, dead spots due to pee, mowing, watering, pesticides, grass stains… we can go on all day!

Now that you’ve got a blank canvas, what’s next? How can you make synthetic turf in Texas more exciting for your furry friend?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Set Up a Digging Pit

Digging is natural for dogs and a great way for them to release energy. Since they can’t dig through artificial turf in Texas, treat them to a special digging box instead. 

It’s just a sandbox with a little extra height so that the sand and dirt don’t spill out all over the lawn. Make sure it’s big enough so they’re comfortable but deep enough so the contents don’t go flying everywhere.

Fill the box with sand and items you want your dog to bury, then let them go crazy!

Create a Sniff Walk

One of the best things about natural lawns is all the fresh scents they can provide for dogs to take in. You can still offer that type of sensory experience with some well-placed plants on pet-friendly artificial grass

Ask your vet what type of plants are safe for dogs to consume. Then, plant them in pots and arrange them around your yard so your dog has somewhere to sniff whenever they feel like it. 

You can even create obstacle courses for your dog using these plants (and other objects) so they always have something new to smell or touch as they explore their surroundings.

Add a Doggie Gazebo

Do your dogs like to hide away and nap in the shade? You can give them their own place to do it by building a miniature gazebo on your fake grass in Texas.

You can buy a premade pet gazebo and place it directly on the lawn, or you could build one yourself if you have the time and inclination. Just look up “dog gazebo” online for inspiration.

Build a Backyard Obstacle Course

Is your dog all about agility? Is he or she a natural jumper, climber and speedster?

Then consider building your own backyard obstacle course for your pup!

It’s a great way to provide dogs with an outlet for their energy and stimulate their mind. It also gives you a chance to bond with them while they play.

Here are some things you can add to your course:

  • A tunnel big enough for a small dog to crawl in
  • A tall jump with enough space around it for the dog to run through
  • Low tunnels that are easy for dogs to move through
  • An elevated platform that dogs can climb onto then jumps down from (Make sure it’s low enough that it won’t hurt the dog.)
  • Various chew toys scattered around the yard
  • A few large balls for fetch or chasing

Wrapping It Up

If you’re a pet owner who is looking for a more comfortable, safe and fun yard for your furry friend, consider switching to artificial grass.

Not only will your dog appreciate the new surface to run around on, but you’ll also love the convenience of not having to worry about mowing or watering your lawn ever again.

Call Texas Turf at 346-250-4797 or message us today for a FREE quote on artificial grass installation. We can’t wait to help make your home pet-friendlier!

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