What Causes Soil Drainage Issues? +Why Artificial Turf in Texas Doesn’t Affect Them

Do Poor Soil Drainage Problems Affect Artificial Turf

Poor soil drainage can ruin your lawn, especially after heavy rain. It keeps oxygen from getting to the roots of grass and increases the risk of root rot and other turf diseases. Solving poor soil drainage often involves making major changes in the yard, depending on the cause of the problem. Fortunately, you can avoid all that hassle if you install artificial turf in Texas.

Synthetic turf is a stress-free way to have a pristine lawn that poor soil drainage will never affect. Here are some of the common causes of poor soil drainage and why they don’t affect artificial grass:

Yard Slopes

Yard slope refers to the elevation difference between two points on your property. An example is a hill that drops down into your backyard and then rises again at the back of your home.

The problem with a yard slope is that it causes trouble with water runoff. The water just keeps flowing downhill until it can’t drain any further. And if there’s nowhere for it to go (because there are no ditches or culverts), then it just sits there until it evaporates or it soaks into the soil and plants. This problem will recur every time you water your lawn.

Fortunately, artificial grass lawns have none of these problems! Artificial turf in Texas doesn’t need to be watered. It also has excellent drainage, which keeps water from stagnating at the bottom of your yard’s slopes.

Soil Compaction

Soil compaction happens when the soil is repeatedly walked on by people or vehicles. This may not seem like a big deal, but it makes a huge difference in how much water your lawn can absorb.

When you walk on your lawn, your weight presses the soil together, removes the air in it and turns it into a hard surface. This keeps water from draining down into the ground quickly.

Synthetic turf in Texas uses synthetic fibers underlayment that keeps its shape even under heavy foot traffic and equipment use. It also comes with proprietary drainage, so it doesn’t matter if the soil under it is compacted. Water won’t pool on its surface.

Clay Soil

Clay soil has a high percentage of clay particles that are very small and tightly packed together. As a result, water drains slowly through it. It’s ideal for plants that need a lot of water, but it’s not a good choice for natural lawns unless you aerate and fertilize it regularly.

Artificial grass lawns don’t have roots that need oxygen or nutrients from the soil, so clay soil doesn’t have any effect on it. And because it comes with a great drainage system, it can even help reduce the drainage problems caused by clay soil.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Lawn With Austin Artificial Grass

When you’re ready to beautify your home with a synthetic lawn, you can count on Texas Turf USA. We have years of experience installing synthetic turf and know how to maximize the benefits of artificial grass for your yard.

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