Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? And How to Stop Them With Synthetic Turf in Texas

How Synthetic Turf Keeps Dogs From Eating Grass

If you’ve spotted your dogs snacking on grass, pay attention. It’s a common behavior, but it could be a problem depending on what’s making them do it. It’s also bad news for your lawn. So take measures to put off dogs from doing it. If training them not to eat plants doesn’t work, consider replacing the natural grass with synthetic turf in Texas.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Some dogs like to eat grass because it tastes good. It’s a natural source of fiber, which dogs need to keep their digestive systems moving along smoothly. They might also enjoy chewing on grass as a way to relieve stress or anxiety.

Another reason why dogs eat grass is to induce vomiting when they are feeling ill. Their instincts say that it can help them get rid of whatever is bothering them.

Finally, some dogs will eat grass because they are bored! Digging up the turf and chewing on it can entertain them for a time.

Why Should You Stop Your Dogs From Eating Grass?

The grass itself is generally harmless to dogs, but some of the things on it can be dangerous.Traces of weedicides and herbicides on the grass can poison dogs when ingested. These solutions can linger on the turf even when you can’t smell them anymore.

But that’s not all: roundworms, hookworms and other parasites can also be lurking in the soil. Dogs can accidentally ingest these parasites if they lick their paws after walking through or eating contaminated grass or soil.

Slugs and snails often leave behind slime trails that contain lungworms. If your dog ingests slimed turf from these creatures, they could get the parasites.

Why Dogs Won’t Eat Artificial Grass

The reason dogs won’t eat synthetic turf in Texas is that it doesn’t taste like natural grass. Dogs are hardwired to go after things that smell and taste like food, and synthetic turf features neither.

Moreover, synthetic grass stays short, so dogs can’t get a good grip on it to pull it out of the ground. It’s also made of tightly woven fibers that teeth and claws can’t break through.

On top of that, artificial grass removes the dangers of eating grass. It never needs toxic lawn chemicals, and you can wash and disinfect it to ensure it’s free of parasites. So even if your dogs lick it, they won’t get anything harmful from it.

Other Ways Dogs Can’t Damage Synthetic Grass

With fake grass in Texas, you can have a beautiful lawn that’s also immune to these dog antics:


Dog urine is highly acidic, and it can eat away at the grass and kill it. Synthetic turf, on the other hand, is immune to it. It won’t discolor or wear out when soaked in pee. It drains urine quickly, and you can easily remove traces and odors by hosing it down.


Dogs that love digging can turn lawns messy in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, they can’t do the same on artificial lawns because they can’t penetrate the thick, durable turf.

Dog-Proof Your Lawn With Artificial Turf in Texas

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