4 Easy Ways to Make Fake Grass in Texas Last Longer

How to Make Fake Grass Last for Many Years

Today’s fake grass in Texas is better than ever, with outstanding weather-resistance, durability, and color retention capabilities. In general, a high-quality artificial grass installation can last anywhere from 10 years to as long as 15 to 20 years.

Still, how well you take care of your synthetic lawn will ultimately determine how long it lasts. The good news? It’s not that hard to keep your turf in top condition. Here are four easy steps you can take to prolong the life of your artificial grass lawn:

  1. Pick Up Trash and Debris Regularly with Artificial Grass

    Artificial grass itself is immune to corrosion and won’t degrade due to organic waste. But leaving organic debris to rot on the surface of fake grass in Texas can create unpleasant odors and attract pests. It can also block the porous surface of artificial grass, preventing it from draining properly.

    That’s why it’s important to pick up leaves, pet waste, and other debris on a regular basis – ideally, as soon as you see it.

  2. Avoid Using Sharp Objects on Your Artificial Lawn

    As durable as artificial grass is, it’s no match against sharp items. This includes knives, anything sharp that’s made of metal (such as metal rakes,)      and even pointed furniture legs.

    Sharp objects can puncture the backing of synthetic turf in Texas, compromising the structure of your artificial lawn and reducing its lifespan. Avoid placing or dragging any sharp objects across your turf. If it can’t be avoided, use a protective mat or barrier and be very careful when lifting or moving the sharp object.

  3. Brush Your Artificial Grass Regularly

    Even though artificial grass is designed to stand up against wear and tear, its fibers can become matted down over time. To keep your artificial lawn looking lush and vibrant, brush it in the same direction as the pile growth.

    Aside from its aesthetic benefits, regular brushing can also help redistribute the infill so your turf will have a more natural feel and drain better. It also makes it easier to keep your turf free of dirt, debris, and other particles.

    You don’t need to buy fancy tools for this task – a simple broom or even a brush with stiff plastic bristles will do just fine. However, never use a metal rake on your artificial lawn, as it can damage the turf’s backing and fibers.

  4. Schedule Regular Inspections

    Checking your artificial lawn at least once a year can help you spot potential problems before they become worse. During the inspection, look for any areas that have excessive wear and tear, as well as any loose seams or tufts. You should also check for ripples or wrinkles that indicate the turf is pulling away from the backing or that the infill has shifted.

    If you notice any issues, contact our team right away for the necessary repairs. We don’t recommend DIY-ing repairs, as it can void your warranty and damage the turf further.

    All of these steps won’t take more than a few minutes of your time – but they can add up to years of enjoyment with your artificial grass lawn in Texas.

    Got more questions about maintaining artificial grass? Here’s a free guide for you.

    You can also send us a message or call us at 346-250-4797 to learn more about artificial turf in Austin and our turf installation services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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