5 of the Latest Backyard Playset Trends

Nothing beats enjoying the refreshing outdoors. In many cities, COVID-19 restrictions have led families to look to their own backyards for wholesome amusement. New and exciting trends in home exterior design have emerged in recent years. These trends will allow you to plan and build a contemporary and enviable backyard. The same trends also amp up the fun factor for the entire household.


1. Playing with Purpose

It seems that almost all of the trends surrounding the design of play structures feature outdoor learning. Designers and builders focus on making the play area educational as well as fun. Playing outdoors gives children opportunities to fine tune decision-making skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. It is great preparation for more traditionally academic activities at home or in the classroom.

2. Ropes

Playground designers have come up with the coolest ways to keep kids active, healthy, and sociable. For instance, rope features are a growing trend in playset design. Ropes are being fashioned into sturdy yet flexible bridges, nets, and ladders. Young children who make their way shifting over the ropes learn to negotiate their body’s position in order to remain balanced. The rope structure promotes mastery in balance and muscle coordination.

Playset ropes also look great in any home’s backyard. Their rustic look is very on-trend. Playground designers are also incorporating ropes with creative designs and colors. This new trend is sparking plenty of family fun!

3. Artificial Turf

Another emerging trend in playset design is artificial turf. Homes with fake turf in the backyard benefit from the great looks of turf and a few other useful advantages, as well. When children are at play, bumps and bruises will follow, but the soft, cushioned feel of synthetic turf makes injuries less likely. Wouldn’t it be great to have a protective bubble of residential field turf shielding the kids playing on your backyard playset?

Homeowners can verify the specific safety standards of their residential turf lawn with their manufacturer, but the typical polypropylene material used in artificial turf is both resilient and strong. Residential turf can serve as a cushion-like surface in your yard. When it covers the play area, it works to reduce hurtful bumps and bruises.

For an added benefit, a backyard turf lawn can help maintain a comfortable temperature in the play area. Today’s technology enables fake grass blades to deflect sunlight and create less heat. That makes it more comfortable for anybody who’s relaxing or playing in the backyard.

4. Rock Climbing

With a new must-have feature, the right playset can actually help your children learn problem-solving skills. It’s rock climbing walls! Rock climbing is great for kids who like to pretend they’re scaling Mount Everest. But it’s also great for parents because rock climbing on a playset can be safe, too.

The best thing about rock climbing is that it encourages kids to use their own specific abilities. No two routes are alike, so children are constantly strategizing to think up their next moves. This keeps their minds working while they’re having fun. Rock climbing walls are also a fantastic physical workout. Legs, arms, and torso work in unison as kids go higher and higher.

Because backyard playground sets are always designed with children in mind, safety is a critical component. These backyard climbing walls are built to a reasonable height for kids. They also come equipped with fall zones where kids can land without having to worry about getting hurt. This is great because children are able to use their imagination and problem-solving abilities and parents don’t have to worry about safety issues.

These trends will allow you to plan and build a contemporary and enviable backyard. The same trends also amp up the fun factor for the entire household.

5. Obstacle Courses

Plain, boring backyards do little to draw kids outdoors or encourage them to move around. However, an awesome obstacle course is something that any kid would love to conquer! Even when the course goal is completed, kids keep coming back for more adventure.

Obstacle courses provide fun for the whole family. They can even be designed to appeal to teenagers! Getting kids in this age group outside can be almost impossible, but obstacle courses are a great solution. Plus, pushing these kids forward to stay in shape helps them form stronger, healthier bodies. Obstacle courses can help motivate everyone!

Contact Texas Turf for Artificial Grass in Your Backyard

Families with kids of all ages will definitely want to incorporate these various trends into their backyard space. Today’s playsets have virtually no limits! You can include ropes, rock climbing, obstacle courses, and well-cushioned turf in your backyard. There is no reason to have a plain backyard when such adventurous activity areas are available!

The artificial grass experts at Texas Turf are ready to help you design an amazing backyard playset area. Call us today to explore all of the turf options that can bring more fun to your backyard!

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