ANSWERED: FAQs About Austin Artificial Grass Putting Greens

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For golf lovers in Texas, having your own putting green right outside your back door is a dream come true. No more driving to the course just to practice your short game! But before installing Austin artificial grass in your backyard, it’s natural to have some questions– so we took the most common FAQs we get about putting greens and answered them below.

Why choose artificial grass over real grass for a putting green?

The number one benefit of synthetic turf is that it provides a consistent surface year-round. Natural grass grows at different rates seasonally, which affects the speed and consistency of the putting surface. 

With artificial grass designed for putting greens, you get an evenly paced, predictable surface regardless of weather conditions. Artificial turf also needs zero mowing, fertilizing, aerating or other maintenance. And it remains permanently green and lush even in the scorching Texas sun when real grass would turn brown.

What kind of maintenance does a synthetic putting green require?

One of the best perks of artificial turf is low maintenance is that you’ll never need to mow, water or fertilize it. Normal maintenance involves brushing debris off the turf and rinsing it occasionally with water.

Our synthetic greens are also treated with antimicrobial technology to prevent odors and stains. We recommend raking the turf using a plastic grass rake 2-3 times per week to freshen the fibers. An occasional sprinkling of clean white sand keeps infill levels optimal.

How much does it cost to install a backyard putting green?

The cost depends on the size, materials used, special contours and features, and site prep work needed. Factors like grading, drainage considerations, turf base reinforcement and specialty turf increase costs. Texas Turf provides free quotes for custom greens, so don’t worry about being forced to commit before you’re ready,

How realistic do synthetic putting greens look and feel?

Today’s artificial grass closely mimics the lush appearance of live grass on golf courses. Blade shapes, thatch and turf infill are engineered to replicate a natural feel. The best synthetic putting green turf has varying blade heights, curvatures and hues for an authentic look. 

Our exclusive putting green turf features randomized blades and lifelike colors. With proper installation, seams vanish. You’d be hard pressed to visually distinguish our synthetic greens from the real thing!

How long do synthetic putting greens last?

With proper care, artificial turf will last 15-20 years or more. The dense backing and UV-resistant yarns ensure the materials won’t deteriorate or fade over time. The turf warranty from Texas Turf covers defects, deterioration and normal wear for up to 15 years. 

We use exclusively premium turf and infill materials hand-selected for superior durability. And our experienced installation process creates long-lasting seams that hold up over decades.

How do I know what size and layout is right for my yard?

Your Texas Turf designer will come measure your space and discuss your vision for utilizing the green. We can expertly fit greens in small areas and up to any size yard. If you need help choosing between a larger or smaller green, our team provides design guidance based on your goals, yard dimensions, budget and other factors. 

Love the Idea of a Backyard Putting Green? Contact Texas Turf Today!

Our artificial grass experts at Texas Turf specialize in crafting stunning synthetic putting greens tailored to the contours of your yard and the way you hope to use your space. 

Contact Texas Turf today to request a free quote and consultation for your dream backyard putting green! We also provide other artificial grass services for landscapes, patios, poolsides and more. Reach out anytime with questions!

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