How Artificial Grass Benefits Every Member of the Family


When you’re debating the decision to have artificial grass installed, you may be concerned that certain members of your family won’t like it or be safe around it. With over 16% of US families living in multigenerational households, it’s becoming more common for people to have elderly and disabled relatives living with them as well as children.

Thankfully, artificial grass is suitable for every family member, so there’s no need to have reservations about your impending installation, no matter what types of people make up your family.

Energetic Children

It’s important for children to get lots of fresh air and exercise, and for you to have a backyard that’s an ideal place for them to run around. However, bumps and scrapes naturally happen when children play, and you may be concerned that artificial grass may increase the likelihood of those. In reality, however, artificial turf can help to prevent injury. When it’s installed, a layer of shock absorbent material can be placed underneath the grass that will help to protect little limbs if they fall down.

If you have a pool in your backyard you may be tired of the water turning the ground to mud. This will make the surface slippery, and as your children run around, they could be at further risk. Artificial grass doesn’t react with water like natural grass does, so any splashes will simply drain away and the turf will remain looking neat and feeling safe.

Boisterous Pets

Any animal lover will agree that their pet is as much a member of the family as humans are. With rumors of certain plants and grasses causing dogs and cats to become ill, you won’t want to risk their poor health with natural grass.

Real grass can also get very messy when your pet relieves itself outside, and it tends to be hard to clean too. You’ll likely end up hosing it down and simply spreading the mess around. Artificial turf is installed with a drainage system, so dirt and leftover waste matter can be washed away easily.

If you have a particularly boisterous dog, you may be tired of them ripping up patches of ground. With artificial turf installed, they won’t be able to do this as the product is woven together tightly.

Elderly Relatives

If you or one of your family members is elderly or disabled, keeping up with garden maintenance can be a challenge. Mowing lawns and weeding can be strenuous and require dexterous movements, so why remove this chore? When you purchase artificial grass, you’ll be asked to choose a length, and this will of course never change once it’s installed.

If you’re unsteady on your feet and are at risk of falls, artificial grass will provide suitable grip, and will help to cushion you against injury if you do slip and fall.

Concerned Homeowner

Many people enjoy parties and family get togethers, especially when the weather is good. Having a suitable space to gather outside will allow you to have more people to visit. Once the party’s over, the guests may have left quite a mess. On natural grass, this waste may be difficult to remove, and may lure unwanted pests to your backyard. Artificial grass is much easier to clean if needed, so you won’t have much to worry about.

With water in short supply, and the pressure to live economically high, wasting gallons of water taking care of a natural grass lawn isn’t a smart idea. When you have artificial turf installed, you won’t ever need to water it, and an occasional spray will be enough to keep it clean. You can enjoy lower household bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

If you’re ready for your whole family to benefit from an artificial grass lawn, contact a trusted supplier to arrange an initial appointment.

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