Artificial Grass: Is It Worth It For Your Yard?


An artificial lawn isn’t just a staple for the golf course or sports field: it serves a wonderful purpose for residential lawn needs as well! If you’re sick of the time, money, and stress associated with maintaining a well-manicured lawn, it’s time to look into an artificial yard!

The Top 9 Advantages of Residential Artificial Turf

When designing a home’s front or backyard space, residents must choose between a typical grass lawn or modernized artificial one. To make this decision a little bit easier, here are 9 of the many benefits that homeowners can expect to find with newly installed residential turf over traditional grass:

#1: It Saves On Water

One of the most obvious perks of synthetic grass is that there is no need to spend time or energy watering it! It’s hard to believe that a whopping 30% of the average American family’s water use comes from outdoor lawn care alone. Not only is this excessive water use wasteful from an environmental standpoint (especially in places like Texas that are prone to droughts), but it can also rack up a home’s water bills immensely

#2: It’s Affordable

It’s no secret that the installation of fake lawns is quite expensive at first glance, but believe it or not, artificial grass can usually pay for itself (and then some!) in the long-run. This is largely due to the fact that the money real grass warrants through excessive water bills, regular maintenance, and professional landscaping is no longer a necessary expense.

#3: Stress-Free Installation & Maintenance

One of the best parts about artificial turf is that once it’s installed, there’s not much left to be done. In general, regular maintenance can easily be avoided when equipped with the sturdiness of high-quality turf materials. Not only this, but the best of these lawns can usually last upwards of around 15 years before needing a replacement.

Besides the occasional cleaning of mild stains and general debris, homeowners shouldn’t expect to waste much of their precious time on landscaping duty!

#4: Aesthetics

The pristine appearance of synthetic turf cannot be replicated by real grass. While the artificial turf of the past was much more fake in appearance, today’s high-tech materials can mimic real grass more seamlessly than ever before!

One of the features that makes it more visually appealing is its brighter grass color. This is because its UV resistant features prevent the color from fading and dulling from the sun’s damage over the years. At the end of the day, the grass is, quite literally, always greener than with real lawns!

#5: Safety

When homeowners install fake grass, they can say goodbye to the harsh chemical toxins and pesticide treatments that often accompany the maintenance of a quality grass lawn. This allows both children and pets to play freely in the yard without enduring any unnecessary chemical exposure.

In addition to its lack of dangerous chemical treatments, artificial lawns are much less injury-prone than traditional lawns. Since artificial turf is relatively smooth and steady, children and adults alike can get rough playing sports and running on turf without having to worry about slipping in muddy puddles or tripping over a patch of uneven terrain.

#6: Deters Animals From Making Their Home In The Yard

Artificial lawns are not suitable living or feeding environments for the majority of backyard animals. With the assistance of an artificial lawn, homeowner’s shouldn’t expect to deal with pests for these reasons:

  • The lack of puddle accumulation in fake lawns detracts mosquitoes from nesting in the yard and other animals from coming for a sip of water.
  • Since fake turf covers the majority of a yard’s grass and soil, rodents and other animals that would usually eat or burrow in it aren’t going to bother with an artificial yard after a while.

#7: Multiple Types To Choose From

In order to meet the needs of a wide range of terrains, environments, and landscapes, a professional company can offer multiple types of artificial turf to pick from. Some of the turf lawn varieties to choose from the pros at TexasTurf include:

  • Envy Play 90: this versatile turf is perfect for both residential and commercials needs
  • Envy Lush: envy lush is a great option for any locations with ample foot traffic.
  • Envy Golf: as the name suggests, this turf choice is ideal for achieving the look of a golf course.

#8: Perfect For Entertaining Guests

Because of its durable nature and beautiful appearance, fake lawns are an ideal location for spending time socializing with friends and family. Whether it’s used for playing sports, grilling up food, or perhaps sunbathing, an artificial lawn can handle it all, and lends itself well as the perfect outdoor backdrop!

#9: Contributes To Sustainability

Due to the negative implications of climate change, many homeowners find meaning in doing their small part in contributing to a more sustainable future. Although it sounds counterintuitive, eco-conscious individuals would be happy to learn that artificial grass is actually more eco-friendly than real lawns ever were!

This is due to:

  • The lack of harmful chemicals and pollutants that would otherwise seep in the ground
  • No more water waste from sprinklers on the lawn
  • The avoiding of fumes and air pollution that emits from electric lawnmowers and landscaping equipment

The Bottom Line: Should Homeowners Install An Artificial Turf?

Is artificial turf worth it for a home’s yard? Due to the above 9 benefits, the answer to this question is a resounding yes! The sheer mass of benefits associated with artificial turf significantly outweighs any of the initial costs for installation.

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