Austin Artificial Grass: 4 FAQs about Artificial Grass Installation


Synthetic turf is more than just the plastic blades you see when they’re installed. It is made up of different components, each with a specific function that helps create the characteristics of the turf material. Just as it is with the material itself, there’s more to artificial grass installation than meets the eye. Your Austin artificial grass experts share four of the most common questions about the process that they hear from customers. Let these questions guide you on your decision to install artificial turf for your yard.

How is artificial turf installed?

Before the installation of artificial turf, any existing grass or paving will need to be removed. The base will then be compacted to prepare the site for the artificial turf. When the turf is placed, the joins are sealed with self-adhesive joining tape. The turf is then secured in place with pins. Fine sand is onto the material to keep the blades upright and weigh it down.

Is artificial turf expensive?

Depending on the size of your lawn, artificial turf may represent a sizeable upfront investment on your part, but it is generally more cost-effective than natural grass in the long run because it doesn’t require water, fertilizers, trimming, or mowing to look green and beautiful. Add multifunctionality and durability to the equation, and you can see that the return on investment is very high.

Will puddles remain on artificial grass?

The artificial grass cover contains small holes that allow water to drain through the underlayer. The underlayer on the other hand, is made of porous materials such as gravel, crushed rubble, sand, or a mix of minerals. The holes in the grass cover along with the use of porous material work to prevent the formation of puddles on artificial turf.

Will constant and direct exposure to the sun affect the artificial turf material?

Everything that’s under the direct heat of the sun will face UV deterioration eventually, but modern artificial turf products are equipped with technologies that keep deterioration and fading at bay. For this reason, it’s important for you to select the best artificial turf products with the best reviews, and have a competent Austin artificial grass expert install them to ensure quality workmanship.

Artificial grass in Austin

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