Creating A Pet-Friendly Yard With Artificial Turf For Pets


Being a homeowner means you have a lot of important decisions to make. Some of those choices are more about the ones you love and not just yourself, like your pets.

When it comes to artificial turf, you’re probably thinking as much about your four-legged friends than just yourself. Giving your fur children, especially the dogs, a safe place to play in your own backyard is all pros and no cons.

If you think that’s not a possibility for you because your yard is in rough shape or doesn’t grow grass easily, think again. You’ll be glad to know that turf for pets will improve your yard and give your pups a place to play.

Artificial Turf Landscaping Solutions For Pets

More homeowners are making the smart choice and turning to artificial turf solutions for their front or backyard. Imagine thinking your only option is to try to grow grass or, even worse, live without it.

Unfortunately, many local homeowners are still under the false assumption that artificial grass isn’t appropriate for pets – but that’s not true. It’s all about finding the right option for your dogs so they can safely frolic in your backyard.

At TexasTurf, our turf for pets is perfect because it’s:

– Easy to Maintain
– Has Cool Grass Technology
– Child-Friendly
– Durable for Optimal Longevity
– Environmentally Friendly

Plus, you’ll love the fact that your grass stays looking healthy and green all year long – no more worrying about brown spots or the entire lawn turning brown in cooler weather.

What You Need To Know About Turf For Pets

As with any yard, drainage is essential. With pets, it’s even more critical, though, because you have pet elimination and cleaning the grass to think about.

The last thing that you want is for your yard to become a stinky mess, and that’s only going to be intensified in the hot summer months. Allowing urine or fecal matter to remain can also be the cause of disease or other contamination issues.

Rain will wash a lot of this away, but you’ll want to be more diligent than waiting for the next rain shower. Plus, using a spray cleaning agent will help keep your fake grass smelling better. Your durable turf for pets is going to last much longer and be more resilient than real grass. We know that you’ll still have some questions about artificial turf, and we’re only a phone call away. Give TexasTurf a call right now and learn more about what we can do with turf for pets and landscape design for your Austin property.

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