How a Garage Floor Coating Can Make Your Austin Commercial Garage That Much Safer


Because of the nature of the work that goes on in it, a commercial garage can be quite a dangerous place indeed. That’s why you need to take every precaution you can to ensure that your commercial garage in the Austin area is as safe as can be.

And an overall effective way of boosting the safety within your commercial garage is to call TexasTurf for a garage floor coating. Our experienced team has the experience, resources, and expertise to provide a quick, yet thorough, garage floor coating for your Austin business.

With a high-quality garage floor coating from our experienced team, you and your employees can enjoy many safety benefits. Just to name a few, these benefits include the following:

Better Visibility

In a commercial garage, visibility can make the difference between safety and an accident. While you might consider windows and lighting to be your only means of increasing your Austin garage’s visibility, you shouldn’t overlook the effect that its flooring can have on visibility.

Because a garage floor coating can be more reflective than a non-coated floor, a coating will increase your garage’s visibility. Thanks to this better visibility, your employees will be able to move about the garage more safely than before, helping them to get their work done without risking their well-being.

Increased Slip Resitance

A commercial garage is home to a number of slick substances. These substances include paint, oil, grease, and many others. Should those substances hit the ground and build up over time, your commercial garage in the Austin area could become a decidedly unsafe place to work as employees risk falling down or into heavy equipment.

Luckily, a great way to prevent your employees from slipping and hurting themselves is to make it easy to clean up those slick messes. With a garage floor coating, you can reduce the chance of slips by making your garage floor easier to clean. On top of that, a garage floor coating provides added texture, further helping to reduce falls.

More Durability

A broken garage floor is an unsafe garage floor; a floor in such condition could encourage tripping, falling, twisting ankles, etc. Unfortunately, it’s hard to prevent your garage floor from breaking under the weight of the heavy machinery and constant work that it will endure daily.

Though you can’t do much to stop or even reduce that constant stress, you can help equip your Austin garage flooring to resist breaking under it. To do that, simply call TexasTurf for a garage floor coating. A coating will add durability to your garage flooring, helping it to stand strong through the years of work and keeping your employees safe.

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