Keep Your Outdoor Space Green: How Artificial Turf Works for Your Yard



Getting through the hot and dry months of summer in Austin, TX is hard. With the many days hitting well over 90 degrees and less than two inches of rain, grass and other outdoor plant life struggle to survive. Without constant care and maintenance, your green spaces turn brown quickly. The case of the brown lawn, however, isn’t set in stone. Artificial turf is becoming a viable alternative in many different applications.

What is Artificial Turf?

Simply put, artificial turf is a product that resembles grass. It has been made since the ‘60s, and it is manufactured like carpet. Over the years, the materials and manufacturing practices have improved. Today’s artificial turf is now more durable and holds up to high traffic well. The material used in our artificial turf is effective in most climates, doesn’t fade, and drains well. These are all important aspects to any outdoor surface solutions. The materials used are also pet and child-friendly. The yarns, glue, and backing of artificial turf are all non-toxic, which ensures the safety of people, pets, and the environment.

Applications for Artificial Turf

Business owners and public officials alike find that artificial turf works well in many different applications. For sports fields, the large areas and limited maintenance resources make artificial turf a great low-cost solution. Not only are these sports fields easy to maintain, but the drainage ability of artificial turf keeps players safe. The risk of slipping due to wet conditions reduces dramatically with the quick draining systems artificial turf has.

Parks are another public space where artificial turf is regularly used. With the running, playing, and general traffic seen in park spaces, the durability of artificial turf is highlighted. Natural grass, even with the high devotion to upkeep, doesn’t withstand the type of wear and tear that parks and playgrounds experience.

Companies know that their outdoor appearance is their first impression. Devoting the time and materials to keep a lawn looking great in Austin, TX, however, is extremely high. Artificial turf helps keep storefronts looking well-kept and green all year long. Business owners increase their profits, instead of paying high fees for lawn maintenance.

Your home is also a great place for artificial grass. Artificial turf makes your front and back lawn look great. It stands up to your children’s play, the heat of the summer, and anything else you might throw at it. Pool spaces are very well suited for artificial turf. Natural grass means dirt and debris make its way into your filters. This is not a problem for homeowners who have artificial turf installed.

Planning for Artificial Turf

Once you decide to install artificial grass, a few steps must be completed. The first step is to design where the turf is going to be installed. Other pieces of outdoor design must be considered. Things like the placement of pools, trees, and gardens all play a part in your landscape solutions. At this stage, measurements are taken to price and order the correct amount of materials needed. This time is also when the type of underlay material and the specific type of artificial turf are chosen. The wide variety of artificial turf available lets you find the right material for your specific application. With the factors such as area, type of underlay, and type of artificial turf decided on, an estimated cost can be calculated. With the variety of artificial turfs and underlays, any budget constraints that you may have can be met.

Artificial grass will always look green and healthy. This low maintenance option lets you spend more of your time enjoying your outdoor spaces. Save time and money by installing artificial turf in your yard and focus your energies on the fun.

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