Quirky and Creative Ways to Use Artificial Turf in Your Home


Whether you’ve already discovered the benefits of artificial turf after having it installed in your backyard, or are simply considering it for an alternative use, there are many ways that fake grass can be installed used in your home. The artificial grass industry grows by around 11% each year, and much of this growth could be attributed to people using turf in more interesting ways. Here are just a few of the possibilities you can consider for your home.

Hiding Trash Cans

Even if you have a beautiful home and yard, you won’t be able to do much about the sight of your trash cans. However, you could consider lining walls with artificial turf as a more natural solution to the unattractive problem. The turf could be attached to fences and other outdoor walls without difficulty. You’ll create an effect that looks much more like a bush, and the technique could also be used to camouflage compost areas, wood piles and other storage spaces too.

On a Balcony or Terrace

If you live in a city and don’t have a large outdoor space available, you can try to make the most of a roof terrace or balcony. Line the floors with artificial grass to make it appear as if you have a leafy lawn several feet above ground level. Combining this with potted plants and wall climbers can help you make an oasis that only requires minimal maintenance.

Make a Statement with Furniture

If you want something particularly unusual and fun for your children, adorn outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs with artificial turf. The material is soft and makes an excellent alternative to regular furniture. Plus, it’s easy to clean, so if there are any spills you’ll be able to rinse it down without an issue.

Put Safety First with Pool Areas

If you’re tired of slipping over wet tiles, muddy grass or stone when you get out of your pool, surround it with artificial grass instead. Even when wet, the grass still provides a lot of grip. It won’t turn muddy and will look stylish next to the waters of the pool. Parents will appreciate this, as children will naturally run around the side of pool even when you tell them not to.

If you’re looking for quirky ways to use artificial grass in your home, contact a trusted supplier to find out more. They may even have other suggestions about how you can utilize it in an unusual but useful manner.

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