TexasTurf’s 8 Step Installation Process


Have you ever thought of replacing your natural grass with artificial turf so that your lawn gives a calming vibe?

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf doesn’t require any watering and doesn’t necessarily require any maintenance. Plus, it is easy to install, so natural grass can be replaced with synthetic turf by homeowners who want their lawn to look green every season.

What is artificial turf? What is its installation cost? What steps are involved in the installation process? How many days does the whole process require?

All these questions might be popping up in your mind, so this blog will help you clear all your queries related to artificial turf installation.

Let’s dive in!

What is Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf looks exactly like natural grass. It can replace real grass as it has low-maintenance costs and stays green all year round. People who love green lawns can think about installing artificial turfs if they want an aesthetic lawn.

What is the Cost of Installation?

Artificial grass has a high installation cost, but it is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment as it doesn’t need any maintenance. As it is only a one-time investment, you should definitely think of replacing your natural lawn with TexasTurf grass.

What Steps are Involved in the Installation Process?

By now, some of you might be wondering what steps are involved in the artificial turf installation process? Here is your answer!

There are 8 steps involved in the installation process, and they are given below:

  • Excavation
  • Base Preparation
  • Lay Out Your Turf
  • Cutting Your Turf
  • Securing Your Turf
  • Infill Turf
  • Brush Infill
  • Time To Enjoy Your Turf!

Let’s look at these steps in more detail to help you decide whether or not you should install artificial turf in your outdoor space.

1- Excavation

The place where you need your turf to be installed is cleaned by removing debris and grass. Before your intended installation date, you will need to spray a non-toxic weed killer to kill weeds and grassroots. Moreover, we dig the lawn to an average depth of 1-3 inches and level the ground. We then will provide a trailer to pick up all the debris and dirt from your lawn.

2- Base Preparation

Decomposed granite or gravel is used as the base material. 2-3 inches of this material is scattered evenly to improve drainage. We sprinkle some water over the base material and then use a plate compactor to level the entire surface and will add more base material if the surface is still uneven.

3- Lay Out Your Turf

Before installation, we roll out your artificial turf in the sun to relax the blades and the backing. If multiple rolls are used, we make sure all the blades face the same direction to make it look real and natural.

When the base is ready for placing your turf, be sure to avoid stepping on it and avoid dragging any items across the freshly smoothed-out surface.

Next, we use a carpet kicker for stretching your Texas Custom Turf. This will remove wrinkles and reduce the synthetic turf’s expansion due to heat.


4- Cutting Your Turf

We trim your turf using a cut or carpet knife, all done from the black backside of your turf, and leave an extra inch along the edges of the turf. Next, we make sure both turf pieces are lined up accordingly and double-check all blades have the same direction to then finally seam your turf pieces with staples under the turf where the pieces meet.

5- Securing Your Turfs

How to fix your turf? We secure your Texas Turf grass by hammering non-galvanized nails at around 6-8 inches intervals and along the corners of the seam. Also, don’t dig the nail too deeply in the ground as it will cause the turf to be pulled downwards, creating indentations on the fake grass.

6- Infill turf

You must be thinking: what is an infill? Infill is a substance used to fill or block spaces or a hole. Why is it important? The infill helps keep turf fibers in an upright position and increases the turf’s life span. Texas turfgrass contains at least 1.5 lbs of infill per square foot. Make sure to choose the infill that suits you best as there are many varieties. Here is a list of infill to help you choose:

  • Play sand
  • Durafill
  • Zeofill
  • Crumb rubber
  • Silica sand
  • T-cool infill

Whatever you choose, we will make sure to ensure that the infill is consistently spread throughout the entire area with the use a drop spreader.


7- Brush Infill

After the addition of infill, we power brush your turf using a power or stiff-bristled broom to force the infill into the turf’s base. It helps the blades stand upright and remove any excess dirt or debris, making it look new!

Tip: To keep it looking brand new, we recommend a ‘freshen up’ of power brooming your turf every 3-6 months.

8- Time to Enjoy your New Turf!

Your artificial turf lawn is ready to use just like you would use a natural grass lawn. Unlike natural grass, the fake grass will remain green all year long, regardless of any season. Enjoy your artificial lawn by inviting your friends for an evening tea party and calm your mind by looking at the peaceful sights in the comfort of your home.


How many days does the turf installation take?

On average, professional turf installers take 1-5 days to install the turf, depending on how large the area is.


If you’re residing in Austin and want to hire professional turf installers, TexasTurf is the best option for you! It is one of the most trusted artificial turf installation companies, formerly known as Smarturf.

Good luck with your turf installation!

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