Why Artificial Grass is the Best Surfacing for Backyard Playgrounds

Why Choosing Synthetic Grass Over Natural Is the Best Bet for Kids - TexasTurf 1

Slides. Swing sets. Jungle gyms. As kids, the neighborhood playground was our headquarters for fun. But those asphalt patches and wood chip pits also spelled sidelined days thanks to rolled ankles or bruised tailbones. Wouldn’t it be nice to let kids play freely without worrying over every scraped elbow or knotted head? That’s what soft, modern artificial playground turf brings to the backyard playground scene today – all the fun, fewer worries.

Why Synthetic Turf Is the Safest Grass for Kids

Natural grass might seem soft, but it proves uncomfortably abrasive during falls. Hidden debris also leads to twisted ankles and tumble hazards. Playground turf for backyard spaces solves these issues with purposeful safety engineering from the ground up.

  • Smoother Blades Prevent Scrapes

Unlike stiff, natural grass and thatch, lush artificial blades feel plush even during tumbles. State-of-the-art synthetic fibers are specifically designed to prevent scrapes or friction burns from thinning skin when accidents happen. 

  • No More Hidden Dangers

Natural lawns seem harmless, but often hide dangerous pits, holes, rocks and uneven patches waiting to sabotage even careful feet. 

In contrast, part of our playground turf installation process is removing all debris from the area and tamping the ground to make a flat and uniform surface for the artificial grass. This significantly reduces tripping hazards on your lawn.

  • Extra Cushioning with Infill

Infill is an essential component of every playground installation we work on and it boosts safety in several ways.

  • Helps Absorb Impact – Infill cushions falls and absorbs shock to protect kids from injuries when they trip or jump on playgrounds
  • Supports Artificial Grass Blades – Materials like sand and rubber help artificial grass blades stand upright for lush, smooth appearance
  • Retains Shape – Properly mixed infill ensures the artificial turf remains flat and even over years of play. No uneven bare spots or matted grass regardless of how rough playtime gets
  • Improves Traction – Rubber particles and sand give great traction and friction when running and pivoting, similar to soil in natural lawns
  • Helps Facilitate Drainage – Loose infill mix lets rain drainage pass through more efficiently than grass alone, preventing flooding, standing water issues, and excess moisture damage that can create playground hazards

Not familiar with infill? We explain it more here.

  • Consistent Surface Through the Years

While real grass thins over time, synthetic turf retains the same welcoming thickness and protective surface year after year. Natural lawns grow unpredictable bare or muddy patches, but perfect artificial turf strands remain conveniently consistent through every season.

Foam Underlay – Extra Cushioning for Playgrounds

We offer optional foam padding for our artificial grass and it’s a fantastic choice for play areas. 

Foam pads (aka shock pads or turf padding) have tiny air bubbles throughout that compress on impact to absorb shock. When a child falls, the energy goes into squishing the foam rather than their body, which reduces injuries even further.

Along with injury prevention, foam underlay offers perks like:

  • Insulation From Cold and Heat
  • Keeps Surface Drier
  • Extends Lifespan of Playground by Preventing Wear and Tear Damage to Turf

If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to walk you through our foam padding selection during our consultation.

Breathe Easy While They Play On

Energetic kids will rack up the occasional boo-boos; it’s a fact of childhood! Artificial grass, however, can lower those incidents while creating a beautiful space for your family. Now both kids and parents can relax while backyard adventures unfold, smiles all around.

Texas Turf has installed synthetic grass in countless homes and business throughout the area. We’re happy to do the same for you– call us at 346-250-4797 or send us a quick message today to get started.

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